Greece publishes 2019 list of preferential tax regimes

Greece has dropped Oman and Seychelles from the list of preferential tax regimes for 2019.

Greece publishes 2019 list of preferential tax regimeThe Greek tax authority has published a revised list of tax jurisdictions with a preferential tax regime status for the 2019 tax year.

The list comprises 40 jurisdictions that have a corporate tax rate of less than 60 percent. Deductibility of payments made to these jurisdictions are limited.

The 2019 list includes: Albania, Andorra, Anguilla, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Bosnia-Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Jordan, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macau, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Montserrat, Nauru, North Macedonia, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, St. Eustatius, Turks and Caicos Islands, UAE, Uzbekistan, and Vanuatu.

Oman and Seychelles have been newly dropped from the list.