Thailand moves to apply VAT to foreign digital services

Thailand Moves to Apply VAT to Foreign Digital Services

By Varapa Aurat (Consultant, Tilleke & Gibbins, Thailand) & Natthanit Mallikamal (Consultant, Tilleke & Gibbins, Thailand)

The rise of global digital economies has introduced uncertainties and exposed many loopholes in our existing tax system, with the most significant issues being the difficulties in collecting tax from those conducting digital activities without a physical presence in a jurisdiction. Thailand has long considered reforming its traditional tax system to better cover the digital economy and digital transactions, believing that foreign companies engaged in the same transactions in Thailand as local companies should also pay tax to the country. This includes value added tax (VAT) on the provision of digital services.Continue Reading

Mutual Agreement Procedure Statistics Published for 2017

Mutual Agreement Procedure Statistics Published for 2017

The OECD on October 10 published its 2017 mutual agreement procedure (MAP) statistics covering 85 tax jurisdictions.

According to the 2017 MAP statistics, new transfer pricing MAP cases are up by 25 percent and other MAP cases by 50 percent. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the increase in new MAP cases is due to a range of factors including the effects of the new reporting framework and increased awareness of and expectations from taxpayers about MAP, the OECD noted.Continue Reading