Transfer Pricing Adjustment Rules Amended in Mexico

Transfer pricing adjustment rules amended in Mexico

By Ricardo Rendón (Partner, Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa y Cía, S.C., Mexico)

The Mexican tax authorities last month issued the Second Resolution of modifications to the 2018 Miscellaneous Tax Resolution (MTR) in which the rules regarding transfer pricing adjustments were amended and certain additional provisions were included. This article discusses the relevant modifications to the miscellaneous tax rules on transfer pricing adjustments.Continue Reading

New Mexican Transfer Pricing Adjustment Regulations Explained

New Mexican Transfer Pricing Adjustment Regulations Explained

By Guillermo Villaseñor-Tadeo (Partner, Sánchez Devanny, Mexico) and Pedro Palma-Cruz (Attorney, Sánchez Devanny, Mexico)

Mexico’s Tax Administration Service on July 11, 2018, updated the country’s existing regulations concerning transfer pricing adjustments as set out in rules to of the Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal. The changes are aimed at clarifying many questions that arose from the enactment of the first set of regulations on transfer pricing adjustments last year. In broad terms, the regulations can be classified as: definition and types, application, requirements, and timing issues and deadlines. These are discussed below.Continue Reading