UN to bolster international tax cooperation

UN to bolster international tax cooperation

A United Nations committee has approved draft resolution on “Promotion of inclusive and effective international tax cooperation at the United Nations.”

The draft resolution was approved by the UN Second Committee (Economic and Financial), which concluded its seventy-seventh session on November 23, 2022.

A representative of Nigeria introduced the draft resolution, noting that good governance and investment constitute Africa’s goals relating to the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, pointing out efforts focused on strengthening tax systems.

According to a UN release, the representative underscored that the African Group has invested heavily on tax policy and administration, significantly increasing its capacity. “Further, African countries have strengthened their participation in tax cooperation efforts and called on the United Nations to begin negotiations on a convention on tax matters,” the release notes.

The UN added in the release: “By its terms, the Assembly would decide to begin intergovernmental discussions in New York at United Nations Headquarters on ways to strengthen the inclusiveness and effectiveness of international tax cooperation, including the possibility of developing an international tax cooperation framework or instrument.”

“Further terms would request the Secretary-General to prepare a report analyzing all relevant international legal instruments, other documents and recommendations that address international tax cooperation,” the release states.

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