New UN report on inclusive international tax co-operation

The United Nations (UN) Secretary General has published an advance, unedited report highlighting the role of the UN in promoting effective and inclusive international tax cooperation.

The report, released on August 8, was submitted in response to General Assembly resolution 77/244 on the “Promotion of inclusive and effective international tax cooperation at the United Nations.”

The report analyses existing arrangements in international tax cooperation, identifies additional options to make such cooperation fully inclusive and more effective, and outlines potential next steps. It utilizes a definition, derived from the inputs and analysis, of inclusiveness and effectiveness of international tax cooperation in substantive and procedural terms.

The report finds that enhancing the UN role in tax-norm shaping and rule setting, fully taking into account existing multilateral and international arrangements, appears the most viable path for making international tax cooperation fully inclusive and more effective.

In this regard, the report identifies for consideration three options: a multilateral convention on tax; a framework convention on international tax cooperation; or a framework for international tax cooperation. The report outlines the next steps associated with each option.